LETTER: Crime commissioner turnout was ‘miserable’

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Many readers will probably agree with Alison Robson’s opinion that an independent police and crime commissioner could better represent the views of ordinary people than someone with a party-political bias (Journal, November 16).

Alison will, therefore, no doubt be pleased that independent candidates won nearly 30 per cent of all posts contested, including Lincolnshire.

However, the results also seem to suggest that millions of electors do not share her enthusiasm to vote - even for ‘the lesser of the evils’, exemplified by the miserable average turnout of 15 to 16 per cent. This may have been due in part to poor communication, but also, surely, to electors’ total disenchantment with the present Establishment in its handling of many issues - including prevention and detection of crime.

Given the cost of the recent PCC elections and the future costs of the new commissioners and their staffs, will government now quickly dispose of the current police authorities? If not, what is the justification for the new commissioners? At least, I suppose, we can kick out any incompetent incumbents in a few years’ time.

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road, Colsterworth