LETTER: ‘Disgusting’ that Kidds have to shut their stall

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I WOULD like to add a comment regarding John Kidd and family and the closure of their stall.

I have been going to their stall in their front garden for many years and so have a lot of my friends. I think it is disgusting and I can’t see a good enough reason why it should be shut down.

We pass their garden on a daily basis, including weekends, and there has NEVER been a build-up of traffic. When we go to purchase flowers or plants we always have the option to pull into their driveway and therefore doesn’t cause any illegal parking.

This stall is no different from any of the other little stalls one sees outside many homes selling flowers or fruit.

I have spoken to the family over the years and I can only say I have a lot of respect for this family. It is rare to see a family working together keeping it all tidy and the youngsters supporting their parents.

The Kidd family are a decent family and there is no valid reason to close it.

I wish the person/s who made the decision to close it down to go and see for themselves. I think it’s a disgrace and so does everyone I know who uses their stall.

It is very sad and a shame as they would have made very little profit but it would have helped this family, especially as Mr Kidd is unable to work in the job he used to do due to health issues.

So please, whoever made this decision at the South Kesteven District Council, please look into this matter with thought and re-consider this decision.