LETTER: Flabbergasted over MP’s claim for £2k for language lessons

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I READ with the usual incredulity reserved for semi-apologetic missives from our alleged Honourable Members, our local hack suggesting that claiming nearly £2,000 off his constituents to be able to assuage a hobby/interest in Israel by being able to speak the local lingo, was perfectly ok, because the Parliamentary authorities gave the ok.

This would be the same office that suggested to service a ride-on mower, regularly clean a moat, rebuild a bell tower, install a duck house, were all vitally necessary to the day-to-day Parliamentary activities of our alleged Honourable Members.

Just because a superior says it’s ok, does not necessarily mean it is morally ok. Otherwise anything done by Stalin, Goebbels, and Saddam’s underlings are now exempt from blame, and perfectly ok now. You were told by Osama Bin Laden that blowing that vehicle up was ok? Nothing wrong there, he being your superior and all.

I was initially stunned at the £600 charge. My flabber was truly gasted to learn that last year’s total cost was £2k! Has Mr Boles not heard of Linguaphone? Is he not aware, as a student of Middle East, of the existence of the Rosetta Stone? Has he not seen ads on telly for a company named after the rock, selling language services? I’m sure their Hebrew courses cost less than the £600, never mind the £2k!


Hudson Way, Grantham