LETTER: Leave John alone - he’s trying to make an honest living

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I FEEL strongly that John Kidd should be allowed to carry on selling plants from the drive of his Harrowby Road home.

What is it with the council in Grantham, will they not be happy until they have totally ruined the town and its population?

Grantham High Street is like a ghost town, once upon a time it was heaving with people, especially on a Saturday. Now it is dead, there is nothing left for anyone to want to venture into its midst.

You have a gentleman here who is obviously trying to make an honest living in the best way he can. I have often thought when driving along Harrowby Road how convenient for anyone going to the cemetery to visit a loved one’s grave to be able to drop in and get a plant or bunch of flowers without having to go into Grantham and to have to cope with the never-ending diversions and traffic hold ups.

How can the council talk of protecting other business whenthere is not a lot left to protect? The country is in a mess, every individual has to fight for survival, so for goodness’ sake let this man survive.


Northcliffe Road, Grantham