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Letter: We need ‘bobbies on the beat’, not more drones

Lincolnshire Police announced that in the 12 month period up to September 2018 there was a 12 per cent increase in total recorded crime.

How do they propose to combat it? By increasing the number of drones they have.

Surely a drone is only sent up once a crime has been reported.

A drone also needs a serving police officer to control it. This ( or these ) officer(s) should be used on the ground. We no longer see ‘bobbies on the beat’ who knew what was going on their patch and can immediately ‘suss out’ any problem area.

At what cost are these extra drones going to be?

Can we go back to the old days and see the friendly face of our bobby please, back on the beat?

Prevention must be better than cure.

It would appear that today, too much emphasis is being put on alternative ways of getting the job done and not always for the better, just like our county council relying on volunteers to run some of the services they used to provide.

Maybe it would be a good idea to get these volunteers to take up the top roles in our county; at least they would have the county at heart and would not be doing it for to satisfy their own ego/pocket.

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