LETTER: We should welcome Boyes with open arms

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WITH reference to the two comments about Boyes coming into Grantham, Boyes is a family-run store that sells branded goods at prices the general working public can afford, and it also stocks a wide range of goods.

I suppose you could call it a small department store. It is by no means a cheap discount shop.

The majority of Grantham people have been saying we need a department store in the town centre since the Co-op closed down. For those that are either too young or haven’t been in town long enough to know, the Co-op used to be where the Tollemache pub and what used to be China 88 on the corner of St Catherine’s Road.

As for those who class TK Maxx as a cheap shop, I, like many others, would love to have your money to throw around. And I do work full time.

Other shops like Poundland, B&M bargains and Home Bargains have not only helped to fill the empty spaces in our High Street and retail parks but also provided much needed jobs and economy in Grantham. Also during opening hours has any one seen them empty of customers? Unlike some of the designer brand shops that already are struggling to exist.

Surely the general working public would sooner have any kind of shop in town sooner than another estate agent, bank or empty shop. We should be welcoming any retailer into our community NOT turning them away.

I travel all round the country with my work and when I get the chance I try and look round the town I’m in. I have noticed it is the ones WITHOUT the shops like Boyes, Poundland, B&M, Home Bargains, QK, etc that are dying towns. Is that what people want for Grantham?

If you want shops like Monsoon, Fat Face or other designer shops then Newark is only approx 30 mins north on the A1

Also if the “powers that be” stop closing main roads through the town centre for non-essential work and also stop taking away the free parking spaces that might encourage more visitors to actually stop and look round our town.

People that are complaing about the amount of discount shops in town should A) think about the economy of Grantham in general sooner than the designer labels they so desperately want to be seen wearing. B) consider moving to a town where the designer shops are.


Great Ponton