LETTER: Why I can’t wait for arrival of family-owned store

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I FOR one can’t wait for a regional, family-owned firm to move into the town brining a few more jobs.

Why do we want designer retailers? As a family we use the charity shops and the discount stores weekly.

Not all of the people in this town are label driven, up to date and have to have the latest iPhone.

We, as a family, can’t afford to be and don’t want to live on credit or in debt again. I was bought up in the mend and make do generation.

My kids have the old DS which I have repaired several times which impresses their friends and clothes from charity shops that keep them warm and safe.

Boyes offers a great selection for everyone whereas a designer shop selling a T-shirt at £40 appeals to the few who can afford or want it just to show off - its just a piece of cloth to keep you warm!

To the e-mailer, If you want ‘designer’ clothes go out of town as you probably can afford the fuel to travel to Stamford or Newark to buy something that would cost a quarter of the price locally and, consequently, abandon the town.