Lidl work in Grantham is ‘shaking buildings’

Lidl site, Grantham.
Lidl site, Grantham.
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Businesses have complained that work being carried out on the Lidl site in Watergate is causing their buildings to shake.

Mark Newton, of Newton Fallowell, said he had noticed his building shake and was so concerned he had called out a structural engineer.

Mr Newton said: “The building is vibrating all the time. We have been feeling the building shake. You can see the ripples in a glass of water.”

He said workmen had been driving in piles into the foundations of the site where a new Lidl store is being built. The old store has now been completely flattened and the site cleared.

Mr Newton added: “They are piling into the foundations and I hope that work will be over pretty quickly. The council don’t seem to be interested , but I think it is a council matter. I don’t want to come in one day and find my building 
has collapsed. I own this building. The earth is still moving here.”

Other businesses in Watergate are also feeling the earth move as work continues on the Lidl site.

Tony Corston, who runs Gerard’s Hairdressing which is located next to the site, described the situation as “pretty horrendous”.

He said the building in which he works dates back to the 1850s and he was concerned that it might not be able to withstand the constant disturbance.

“I have rung the council and I am waiting for a response. I just want reassuring that this building is not in danger of falling down.

“There have been four or five lorries going in there every hour and they have had a big roller on the site but I am not sure if they are causing the problem.

“It is a bit scary. I just want to know I am going to be ok. I have never been next to a building site before so I don’t know what the norm is.”

An SKDC spokesperson said: “A culvert underneath the site is exacerbating noise and vibration in the area. We have made the necessary health and safety checks with the site manager who is working with local businesses and addressing any concerns they have.”

The new Lidl store is due to open early next year. There will be a new entrance to the car park from Watergate and the car park itself will have 77 parking spaces reduced from 86.