Lightweight Grantham MP Nick Boles is spouting drivel

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I simply cannot believe the hypocrisy of Nick Boles, and I demand that he produces his justification so his constituents might understand his mind set, that’s if he has one at all.

This is our MP who has called for all pensioners to be stripped of their winter fuel payments, free prescriptions and bus passes, who now claims he is ‘entitled’ to grasp the ancient Jewish language, even if he has got hitched to his long time partner, Mr Shay Meshulam.

Why should the taxpayer be doling out money so he can speak to his husband in his own language? This is sheer lunacy.

Even Matthew Sinclair, chief executive of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, said: “Nick Boles has abused this taxpayer-funded perk in order to make pillow talk and conversation around the breakfast table a little easier.”

Nick Boles is beyond being a disgrace. By being our MP he drags our constituency in to his shady deals and underhand tactics.

Mr Boles’ unapologetic response is particularly galling, given that an attitude of ‘it’s my right as an MP’ was one of the root causes of the expenses chaos in the last Parliament.

Because he is one of Cameron’s Cronies, he appears to believe that he can get away with absolutely anything.

Every time this man opens his mouth, he spouts utter drivel, Why couldn’t the Tory selectors have sent us a Genghis Khan figure, not this useless lightweight?

Roy Coldham

Peascliffe Drive