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Lincolnshire County Council elections 2021: Grantham area candidates say why they deserve YOUR vote

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Every candidate standing in the Lincolnshire County Council elections has been given the opportunity to send in a 250-word profile outlining why they deserve your vote on May 6.

A by-election is also taking place to fill the Glen Ward on South Kesteven District Council, which covers the Castle Bytham area, following the resignation of a councillor last year on health grounds. The two candidates contesting this seat were also invited to submit profiles (see bottom of page).

Residents will also be able to vote in the next police and crime commissioner elections and candidates standing in Lincolnshire were invited to submit a 350-word profile.


Here, candidates standing in Colsterworth Rural, Folkingham Rural, Hough, Grantham Barrowby, Grantham East, Grantham North, Grantham South and Grantham West explain why they feel they deserve your votes on May 6.


Bob Adams, Conservative

Bob Adams (12509506)
Bob Adams (12509506)

It has been a privilege and pleasure to represent the Colsterworth Rural division for the past eight years.

I have met some amazing and dedicated people whose sole aim is to serve their communities and improve all aspects of their localities.

Working with parish councils to improve village neighbourhoods and the environment will continue to be high on my agenda during the next four years.

Many parishes have initiated local volunteers to litter pick and this is an important activity to keep our neighbourhoods clean and tidy.

Maintaining local roads remains a top priority alongside major schemes such as the Grantham relief road.

More needs to be done to improve the quality of pothole repairs and I will be working with colleagues to see how we can do better.

Speeding in villages, particularly quarry lorries, is a major concern and once lockdown is over, and all staff are back in their normal roles, this problem will receive concentrated attention.

The A1 still poses a major safety factor for all of us. Working with my district colleague Councillor David Bellamy, colleagues whose divisions adjoin the A1 and our local MP we will continue to press Highways England to provide the funding for extensive improvements to safeguard motorists.

I will continue to work for cost savings and efficiencies to keep council tax as low as possible without detriment to frontline services.

If you wish to contact me please do so on 07529188677 or on bobadams@talktalk.net

Rob Shorrock, Labour

Rob Shorrock (46585932)
Rob Shorrock (46585932)

My name is Rob Shorrock and I have lived in the Grantham area for the last 18 years.

I am a teacher and currently work within the sixth form centre of a school in Grantham.

I am standing as the Labour candidate in Colsterworth Rural to provide a genuine alternative for voters who are unhappy with Tory sleaze, a destructive Brexit, extreme and polarised politics and who would like a return to the rational and decent politics of the centre.

The consequences of Brexit are coming home to roost. Our food producers and small businesses are being enormously damaged by the ideological extremism of those in power who took us out of the customs union and single market with little appreciation or even care for those that it would affect.

The full force of this is about to be reckoned with and the Brexit Tories do not have a clue.

As you look around your community you will see the consequences of a tired, complacent and ineffective council; wrecked roads, non-existent or extremely limited public transport, limited facilities for children and young people, an increase in crime and creeping development in green and common spaces.

I can provide a genuine, campaigning voice on the county council.

Send the Conservatives a message they will not forget and lend me your vote. Vote Labour.

To find out more email robbieshorrock@gmail.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/robshorrocklabour for further information.


The Chocolate Man Hansen (Jan Hansen), Independent

Jan Hansen (46553687)
Jan Hansen (46553687)

With one of the most important local government elections to take place in decades on May 6, I firmly believe that it has never been so important for registered voters to make full use of their votes in order to send a clear message, and that is, keep tribal politics out of local government!

Political councillors, in my opinion, have failed to serve the residents of Lincolnshire big time, whilst serving their Westminster paymasters as a priority.

These self serving councillors should be ashamed of themselves.

Since being elected on to SKDC, I very soon came to the conclusion that far too many councillors are making decisions in order to keep their bosses in Westminster happy, to the cost of Lincolnshire folks’ interests.

How they can sleep at night puzzles me.

There is no doubt whatsoever, that there needs to be far more openess, transparency and accountability in local government.

It seems to me that the only way this is going to be achieved, is for the electors to make sure that there is a far more balanced and representative council chamber.

I do not have a lot of time for extreme left and right wing politics, that is why I have no doubt whatsoever that the only way ahead in local government is the Independent route.

Independent councillors only serve the local community, and not political tribes financed by god-knows-who millionaires!

A vote for Independents is a vote for the local people.

Martin Hill, Conservative Party

Martin Hill (46553738)
Martin Hill (46553738)

Coming from a Lincolnshire family I have lived and worked in this area nearly all my life.

I am proud to have represented Folkingham Rural for many years at Lincolnshire County Council and in that time have achieved continued improvements for our area.

Although busy leading the council, my greatest satisfaction has been resolving local issues and as always, I commit to that in the future.

The Conservative administration has continued to manage our finances successfully in difficult times, while keeping council tax at one of the lowest in the country and services, which are assessed independently, as some of the best.

Covid-19 has impacted on all our lives and we have reacted swiftly and effectively to local effects of the pandemic. We have continued to deliver all front-line services and supported the testing and vaccine roll-out in our county.

We are particularly mindful of the potentially damaging effects on our economy and are financially supporting local businesses so they can emerge stronger.

We have not taken our foot off the pedal during Covid-19, continuing to deliver major new projects such as the Grantham bypass and improved broadband connectivity across our county.

As with all Conservative councillors, I will again adhere to our principles in public service and ensure that truthfulness and honesty is upheld by all.

After a period of unprecedented times, I hope that my local record and that of the council will give you confidence to once again support me in this election.

Paul Richardson, Labour and Co-operative

Paul Richardson (46553735)
Paul Richardson (46553735)

We moved to Billingborough to give our children a better quality of life.

It’s a lovely village, a great community and we are enjoying life…but I am worried.

I was told recently: “Billingborough is a shadow of its former self.”

It once had a busy High Street with family-run businesses, multiple pubs, even a secondary school with its own swimming pool.

Fifteen years on, the Conservative-led council has overseen the demise of local high streets, rights of ways are disappearing, roads are poorly maintained – even the repairs have potholes! Aveland School, with good facilities, closed in 2009, was demolished in 2014 and is still a waste land in 2021.

Sadly, Billingborough is not unique, there has been a systemic lack of funding and interest in our villages, an extremely worrying trend. I decided to stand and will work tirelessly to end this trend.

My agenda addresses the concerns of people I’d serve. Feedback has highlighted problems in transport, roads, schooling, policing, flood defenses and lack of infrastructure, especially where housing developments are concerned. We need housing but developments must enhance the area, not burden it.

We must end the public transport inequality, linking our villages and larger towns with regular services. Fix and maintain our roads properly and protect our right of ways. I will push for a visual police presence. Respond aggressively to the climate emergency by implementing our comprehensive green plan urgently.

I am committed to maintaining, improving where possible and championing our villages.


Andrew Blackwell, Labour

Andrew Blackwell (46585880)
Andrew Blackwell (46585880)

I have lived in Barrowby for the last 18 years and run a small family business.

I believe in open and honest government at all levels.

With that in mind, I will make it a point to publish exactly how I have voted on all issues that come before the council, so that constituents can see how they are being represented and can contact me if they have concerns.

I can’t guarantee to agree with everyone, but I’m happy to listen.

As a father, green issues are very important to me. There is absolutely no reason why we can’t hand over a better and more sustainable planet to our children and grandchildren, but it requires effort, attitude and an immediate sense of urgency.

How the county deals with waste and reduces its energy usage is important to all of us and will be something I will be getting involved with from the outset.

Alexander Maughan, Conservative

Alexander Maughan (46585878)
Alexander Maughan (46585878)

Having served as your Lincolnshire county councillor for the last four years I am asking for your support on Thursday, May 6 to continue representing our villages.

I care deeply about our community and have lived locally all my life, growing up in the village of Ancaster and now living in Long Bennington, where I bought my first home.

I am a qualified chartered accountant working at a local firm, so have an acute understanding of the needs of our local farms, businesses and charities.

I have represented our villages with a real focus on local issues and have a proven track record of delivery.

These include securing council funding towards Long Bennington zebra crossing, parking bays on Back Lane in Caythorpe, speed limit reductions through Brandon, Gelston and on the A607, drainage improvements in Claypole and Carlton Scroop and a number of local road resurfacing schemes.

I’ve also been pleased to develop cycle scheme proposals for Long Bennington and secure council funding towards an extension of the Marshall Way footpath at Foston.

As your local Conservative representative I have been best placed to secure funding for improvements in our area and work closely with our MP, Dr Caroline Johnson, on your local priorities, such as A1 road safety.

I have a track record for getting things done and ask that you put your trust in me again to be a strong and successful voice for the villages of Hough division at County Hall.

Paul Wood, Independent

Paul Wood (46585926)
Paul Wood (46585926)

Lincolnshire is special and the residents are special independent-minded people for want and deserve better services from their council.

I have been privileged to represent villages in this division on SKDC for the last 18 years as a district councillor and now stand as a candidate for the county council.

I am 100 per cent committed to serving you and as an Independent; my loyalty is to you and not to any political party.

I will be free to challenge the establishment at the county council with main priorities being:

1. Sorting out our rural roads and calling for a major review of how potholes are dealt with – we need a policy of ‘fix it right first time’ and not waste money with temporary repairs that don’t last;

2. Challenging the high cost of the senior management team with some six directors earning over £130,000pa and 35 heads earning over £80,000pa;

3. Protecting the character and status of our villages by opposing inappropriate developments and supporting better services;

4. Keep council tax as low as possible.

Your village needs a strong independent voice on the county council who has the experience, knowledge of the area and of the way local government works to get results.

I have worked for councils at director level for 22 years and in the private sector for 20 years. I am ready to help and easily available.

No more politics in councils.

Paul Wood – answerable to residents not a political party.


Tracey Forman, Labour and Co-operative

Tracey Forman (46585942)
Tracey Forman (46585942)

I have lived in Grantham for the last 20 years and currently work as the principal of a special needs college in Leicestershire.

As a former district councillor, I understand the needs and concerns of the voters in Grantham Barrowby.

The election on May 6 gives you a chance to tell the Conservatives that they are failing to deliver. Look around your community and the decline and failure is all too obvious; wrecked roads, closed youth clubs and community centres, limited school choices and the decline in health services.

Sadly, this is all the consequence of deliberate policies from the Conservatives. You pay for Tory cronyism and waste and the price of these cuts is an increase in crime and an increase in your council tax.

Labour values are about putting the public need first. We will: develop a new strategy for repair and redesign of roads which makes it clear when work will be done and holds the council to account for missed targets; review school and health provision to ensure that it meets the needs of changing communities; protect recreational land from planning creep through the use of common land applications; support local farmers in increasing bio diversity and protect standards to ensure quality and safety; ensure that local planning includes genuine community involvement through parish councils and community forums.

Only we can beat the Conservatives in Grantham Barrowby. Please vote Tracey Forman, Labour and Co-operative, on May 6.

Michael Turner, Green

Michael Turner (46585924)
Michael Turner (46585924)

South Lincolnshire Green Party is fielding more candidates than ever in the upcoming election.

The Green Party is now the third party in terms of voter intention. Voting Green therefore can make a difference and we can, and do win seats.

I’m proud to be standing as the Green Party candidate for Grantham Barrowby in the upcoming county council elections.

Originally from the North West, I moved to Lincolnshire around two years ago, living outside of the main towns, in a community where farming is the major industry.

I’m passionate about coming together to help our agricultural industry transition and face the challenges of climate change and increasing regulations. This is not a blame game, this is about those people working in this county’s biggest industry knowing they’re not facing these challenges alone.

After a decade working in finance, I moved to work in the wine industry and support producers across the globe, embracing future proofing techniques, both environmental and economic.

I will put environmental contingencies front and centre of any council plans, ensuring that the biodiversity disaster of the prolonged construction of the A52 relief road can never be repeated.

I will also make a priority of reducing the prevalence of fly tipping, especially in rural areas.

My policies for urban areas of Lincolnshire will be to increase the infrastructure for active travel, including joined up cycle routes and pedestrianised zones.

I will also argue for 20mph zones in residential areas and around schools.

Mark Whittington, Conservative

Mark Whittington (46585922)
Mark Whittington (46585922)

My name is Mark Whittington and I am the current sitting councillor for the Grantham Barrowby division.

I am Grantham born and bred, educated locally, and apart from a few years living away when I was at university and then training as an accountant in London, this town has always been my home.

I have lived in Barrowby, right at the centre of the division, for the past 11 years and been the county councillor for the past six.

I first became a councillor because I wanted to make a difference and to help improve both the lives of local people and the area in which they live.

The Grantham area is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family but I believe that it can be better and that I can help to achieve this improvement.

Over the past four years I have worked hard on achieving this improvement whether through casework on behalf of both individual residents and larger groups of residents, serving on committees helping to develop and scrutinise polices to deliver this improvement and also as the executive support councillor for finance and resources. I have used my 35 years of accountancy experience to ensure that your money has been spent efficiently and effectively and represents good value for money.

My commitment, if re-elected, is to continue working hard on your behalf and to make that difference and help achieve improvement to your lives.

I look forward to receiving your support.


Stuart Fawcett, Labour

Stuart Fawcett (46585939)
Stuart Fawcett (46585939)

I am a former serviceman and now run a small business.

I’ve experienced the struggles of the pandemic first hand and I know many people will share my view that local and central government should be about the care, support and empowerment of real people, not just a cheque book for big business.

I am Labour because I believe decent public services are the bedrock for a better quality of life and how they are run is crucial.

This election is about more than potholes – what is at stake in this election is your children’s education, your health and the care we provide to the most vulnerable.

The Conservatives have run the council into the ground. A decade of cuts and austerity has led to a broken town.

The decline is obvious and so is the cure. Only Labour has the vision and the will to ensure that we get back the services we need – full A&E, mental health services, youth clubs and access to better housing for a growing town.

Grantham East is where a lot of people have chosen to live and raise their families.

Only Labour stands up for families.

So, if you want a voice for your children and family at Lincolnshire County Council, I am your candidate!

Only Labour can beat the Conservatives in Grantham East.

Stephen Hewerdine, Independent

Stephen Hewerdine (46611222)
Stephen Hewerdine (46611222)

Having spoken to the people of Grantham over the years, they have shown that they care for our town and the local people.

All of us, in one way or another, have had family and friends that we have been unable to see because of the pandemic. This has been hard to bear for everyone, but luckily this phase is nearly over. I will fight for better social care services.

The county council has failed on dealing with potholes, repairs to footpaths and pavements. People want the street lights on during the darkness hours. What price for the safety of the community?

Speaking to the young people that live in Grantham East, they have stated that they want to be heard and listened to. They would like somewhere that they could go to be out of harm’s way and to stay off the streets during evenings.

I would like a public forum so that they can have a say on what projects they can do for their future growth.

We need to engage with the young people, the disabled and the elderly so they can have an equal voice.

I had the privelege to be your local district councillor for six-and-a-half years. I have always fought on local issues, and having regular surgeries to deal with the many different issues brought to my attention.

Independent councillors have no party line to follow but that does not stop us doing our best for you 0 the community.

Vote for change.

Ian Selby, Independent

Ian Selby (46585891)
Ian Selby (46585891)

Things must change for the better.

I hereby give notice to highly paid council officials and to the council administration; get your act together, start giving our residents here in Grantham much better value for money with their council tax, or you’d better purchase yourself a set of ear muffs, because rest assured you are going to get some serious ear ache.

The state of our roads is appalling and the length of time it takes to get issues addressed is totally unacceptable.

Many of our paths are a danger and need urgent repair, especially for our elderly and disabled residents.

On Harrowby Lane a bus shelter hampers motorists’ vision coming out of Princess Drive. I’ve been asking the district council for several years to take some positive action, so now they’ve positively passed the buck to the county council and washed their hands of the issue.

I’m informed the Road Safety Partnership is now involved and no doubt more months of bureaucracy, even though it’s not been on a bus route for months, it’s just an advertisement board – and it’s putting profit before road safety.

I’ll campaign to have railway bridges fitted with a warning system to help prevent high-sided vehicles from hitting the bridges and are causing chaos and gridlock, and damaging the local economy whilst people stuck in traffic are unable to use our local shops. Tubular bells and other modern methods are used in other areas.

Thank for the wonderful reception I’ve had whilst leafleting.

Elvis Stooke, Independent

Elvis Stooke (46694455)
Elvis Stooke (46694455)

I am standing as an independent candidate for Grantham East. An area where I live and work.

I care for our area and I am a real local candidate.

What do I, as an Independent, stand for? I stand for honesty and integrity for our community.

I want to stop national politics getting in the way of our local issues.

Time after time whenever local issues are raised political party issues seem to get in the way of what the local voters need.

Well, for me, this is not the way forward, it does not represent you the local voter.

If I was elected, I would deal with our local issues head on, as only an Independent can.

I want to investigate if certain street lights at junctions could be restored.

The issues relating to heavy traffic passing the schools, doctors and shops in the Alma Park and Harrowby area.

The ongoing potholes and the state of our local roads, footpaths and verges in Harrowby and Belmont areas, which now seem to be a jigsaw of pieces.

I have recently been involved in the preservation of an open space at Blessed Hugh Moore playing fields and the retention of the old hospital buildings.

In 2020 I set up the Londonthorpe, Alma Park and Harrowby community Facebook site; it now has over 500 members.

I also think we need better scrutiny of how our money is spent and that we get full value for money from how our rates are utilised.

Linda Wootten, Conservative

Linda Wootten (46585910)
Linda Wootten (46585910)

Serving the community regardless of politics has been my number one priority.

New candidates can make all sorts of statements of how they can change things but the reality is somewhat different.

There’s nothing wrong with ambition but you don’t get to understand how council works until you get elected.

Being a county councillor is not just about potholes or any one subject, it’s having the experience and knowledge to support people from all walks of life with issues and problems.

I have put in extra time and effort into the achievements I have gained for the good of the community and I am proud of my proven track record.

I took on problems that residents had grappled with for years, like the historical water running down Harrowby Lane and the unmade roads on the Sunningdale estate.

I also attend meeting of the parish council, who like me are community focused.

I have been an active campaigner to save services at Grantham Hospital and sit on several committees.

I don’t have a day job or run a business so I give the role of councillor 100 per cent; this matches my attendance at council.

I live in Grantham and I’m always out and about and enjoy engaging with people.

I have also had the privilege of being both the Mayor and Mayoress of Grantham, a great honour.

Talking to residents in Grantham East I already have new projects in the pipeline but I need their support on May 6.


Wayne Hasnip, Labour

Wayne Hasnip (46585948)
Wayne Hasnip (46585948)

I am 48 years old and live in the Grantham North division.

I have lived in Grantham for 27 years. I have worked in various locations in Grantham including 10 years working at Fenland Foods before it was closed down in 2008, and more recently at Poundland. I currently volunteer at the British Heart Foundation.

In my spare time I enjoy going to watch Grantham Town football club and I am very supportive of Manchester United!

Labour is under new leadership with a new vision for the country. I believe that these elections are an important chance to rectify the cuts to essential services by the current Tory administration.

A vote for Labour on May 6 will be a vote for change.

My priorities, if elected as your Labour candidate, are to: reinstate services to Grantham Hospital and improve access to health care; invest in regeneration of our high streets; tackle the climate emergency – a carbon neutral council by 2030; improve and support local bus routes and ensure service levels are improved; improve mental health services to support the growing mental health problems caused by the pandemic.

Remember, only Labour can defeat the Conservative in Grantham North. A vote for any other party is a wasted vote. Send the Tories a message that we have had enough of their lack of ideas, their cuts and their sleaze.

Please vote Wayne Hasnip, Labour. Vote for change and a new leadership for Lincolnshire.

Ian Simmons, Green

Ian Simmons (46585895)
Ian Simmons (46585895)

South Lincolnshire Green Party is fielding more candidates than ever in the upcoming election.

The Green Party is now the third party in terms of voter intention. Voting Green therefore can make a difference and we can, and do, win seats.

I have lived in South Lincolnshire for over 30 years and as a resident of the division, I’m excited to be standing as candidate in the Lincolnshire County Council elections.

I enjoy supporting our community, working as a volunteer in a biodiversity group for the Wyndham Park Forum; I helped establish and now help with running Grantham Men’s Shed. I co-lead Grantham RiverCare, which has just won a prestigious award BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Make-A-Difference Award. And I’m a member of Grantham Lions.

My priority would be to work to prepare Lincolnshire for future challenges, the most pressing of which is adapting to a changing climate. Lincolnshire County Council needs to recognise the perilous state of the planet and do what it can to mitigate and adapt to the climate emergency. Acting now to protect the natural world will reward us with benefits for the area.

As I live close to the town, I can often be found with a litter picker in hand. Other problems I would prioritise are traffic congestion and parking, which will be important to encourage and support local businesses to bring a vibrant feeling back to our town as we emerge from the pandemic.

Ray Wootten, Conservative

Ray Wootten (46585928)
Ray Wootten (46585928)

Serving the community has always been my priority since I have been a councillor.

My record speaks for itself, campaigning to save Grantham Hospital and dealing with contentious planning applications,

Having been in public service all my working life, firstly serving in the Royal Air Force until my main career in the police force and laterally as a councillor, I am focused on the public, challenging decisions and speaking up on your behalf.

We live in a relatively safe area with a low crime rate in comparison to Luton, where I finished my policing career as a domestic violence officer. As you can imagine, law and order is one of my priorites.

As a retired police officer I have been well placed to be the vice-chairman of the Lincolnshire police and crime panel, holding the commissioner to account, making sure he focuses on crimes that affect us all.

This year I have been the first councillor for 12 years to instigate a ‘councillor call for action’ process to help a local farmer, which was successful. I have also raised several motions for debate at council including Grantham A&E and the old hospital.

I sit on the Lincolnshire health scrutiny committee and I am vice-chair of the Lincolnshire County Council overview and scrutiny management board committee.

I have 100 per cent attendance at council and committees and have been the chairman of both the county and district councils as well as having the privilege of being the Mayor of Grantham.


Anne Gayfer, Green

Anne Gayfer (46585882)
Anne Gayfer (46585882)

South Lincolnshire Green Party is fielding more candidates than ever in the upcoming election.

The Green Party is now the third party in terms of voter intention. Voting Green therefore can make a difference and we can, and do win seats.

As your Green Party candidate for Grantham South, I’ve lived in the town for over 20 years and work all-year-round to campaign on local issues.

I’ve a background in central and local government and have run my own business. I also volunteer for the theatre, Grantham RiverCare and Wyndham Park Forum, for whom I’ve secured over 700 saplings, planted in Grantham’s Forest School area.

My passion is the environment and I am always looking to meet the needs of local communities in campaigning on green issues, particularly in regard to respecting biodiversity and confronting the climate emergency. I believe a lot more can be done in Grantham South but we need new voices on the council for real change to take place.

After listening to local residents’ concerns, I’ve identified three top priorities: we need a pedestrian crossing installed at Gainsborough Corner on London Road near McDonald’s – this is a high traffic area which is also used as a main crossing point for school/college pupils; I would support the introduction of 20mph speed limits near schools and in busy areas where travelling above this could endanger cyclists/pedestrians; and our local authorities need to be held to account on introducing new linked up cycle lanes in Grantham.

Lee Steptoe, Labour and Co-operative

Lee Steptoe (46585897)
Lee Steptoe (46585897)

I am proudly Grantham born and bred and live in the county division I am standing in.

I have taught in the town for 25 years and led the sixth form at Priory Ruskin Academy until 2018.

Having also been a district councillor since 2019, I have the leadership skills needed to lobby for change.

Locally politics has been dominated by the Tories for decades and this has led to complacency; I can provide urgently needed balance:

1. Health: I will lobby government and ULHT for the full restoration of 24/7 accident and emergency services at our hospital, as was the case prior to 2016. We deserve and demand no less.

2. Environment: Labour would provide energy grants for low income families, ban fracking across the county and commit to carbon neutrality by 2030, (voted down by the Tories.)

3. Education: A SureStart centre for infants is a priority for the division. The pandemic has shone a light on the already prevalent mental health crisis amongst teenagers that must now be urgently addressed.

4. Developing Lincolnshire’s economy: I will work with Grantham College to prioritise vocational training for all ages. Labour will work with SKDC to increase footfall on our dying High Street and turn street lighting back on with LED bulbs.

5. Transport: the pothole situation is a disgrace with extra funding urgently needed. More cycle lanes will be prioritised.

Only Labour can beat the sitting Tory after losing by 13 votes last time. Vote for change!

Adam Stokes, Conservative

Adam Stokes (46585876)
Adam Stokes (46585876)

I am the Conservative Party candidate for Grantham South.

I work as a local accountant which helps me with an understanding of the challenges the business community faces, especially as they open up again.

I have been the county councillor for Grantham South since 2017. During this time I am proud of what has been achieved but there is more to do. I have helped achieve a significant amount of highways funding to not only maintain roads but also resurface them fully, an example being Pasture Close at the start of the Saltersford Area being resurfaced.

There are many more in the pipeline that I want to be able to see completed.

As a leading member of the Grantham Transport Board, I have helped promote the new Grantham parking strategy, which will bring the much-wanted residential parking scheme to the Grantham town centre.

Working with fellow county councillors I’m demanding that Grantham A&E department stays open 24 hours a day, seven days a week – this is essential for a growing town and a battle that I will continue with my colleagues.

Looking to the future, I am passionate about bringing more improvements including a rebuilt Gainsborough Corner junction to include a pedestrian crossing facility. I am determined to see this done.

It is an honour representing the division that I live in and I am again asking for the residents and neighbours of Grantham South to support me on May 6.

Bruce Wells, Independent

Bruce Wells (46585886)
Bruce Wells (46585886)

My name is Bruce Wells, and I am standing as a Independent candidate for Grantham South in the upcoming Lincolnshire County Council election.

For me, being a councillor is about, putting the people first and foremost, to build a community that respects and works to help each other.

In the past I have fought the downgrade of Grantham Hospital, protecting our very own Grantham Ambulance Station – this is now being brought up to date.

If elected for Grantham South, I would work to seek value for money, protect frontline services, get the potholes and roads sorted out, along with the flooding problem we have in Grantham.

Use local business, instead of out of town businesses, like having my leaflets printed by a local firm, not go out of town like the Conservative and the Labour parties have done. Local means local.

Grantham looks as if it has stood still in time; we need to change our minds, look to the future, build for the future. But to do this, I need your help.

Vote Independent, vot Bruce Wells for Grantham South. You would have my full commitment (I am not a district councillor) to Grantham South, not to a party but to you, the community.

Louis Stead, Independent

No profile was submitted.


Richard Davies, Conservative

Richard Davies (46585930)
Richard Davies (46585930)

Born and raised in Grantham and the surrounding area, I know our town has a great deal to offer.

There are lots of good reasons why I am asking for your vote to return me as your local councillor.

I have achieved real change, and I am proud of what I have delivered since being elected in 2009. We have seen an unprecedented investment in Grantham, such as the Market Place and Westgate improvements.

I am delighted to see the much-needed Grantham bypass is now nearing completion. Finally, we’ll see an end to the A52 going down Barrowby Road and through the town centre.

I care. I have been humbled by people asking for my help, from fighting to get local children into the best school to assist families in supporting their loved ones’ needs.

The Conservative team at the county council has successfully managed our finances in difficult times while delivering excellent services for all of our residents.

We have reacted swiftly and effectively to the local effects of Covid-19. We are financially supporting local businesses to emerge stronger after this pandemic’s potentially damaging effects on our economy.

But we have not taken our foot off the pedal during this time. We have continued to deliver significant new projects such as the Grantham bypass and improved broadband connectivity across our county.

After a period of unprecedented times, I hope that my local record and that of the council will give you the confidence to support me once again.

Vi King, Labour and Co-operative

Vi King (46585946)
Vi King (46585946)

My name is Vi King. I have lived in Grantham for 39 years, having moved from Stamford where I was born and bred.

I am standing as a Labour and Co-operative candidate because I want to ensure that we have an NHS that is properly funded and meets the needs of our community.

Until my retirement four years ago, I was working in Grantham Hospital A&E department as an assistant practitioner.

I understand all too well what Tory cuts are doing to our NHS. This has led me to continue to campaign for the NHS – I have been attending the weekly vigils outside the hospital and been involved in the campaign to influence the hospital and care commissioning group.

As a union activist, I have always been passionate, about speaking up for people, to make sure that policies and processes were followed properly, and everyone is treated fairly and equitably.

My values are about putting others first, acting with integrity, being open and transparent in what I do, and I want to bring these values to the county council.

If elected I will continue to fight for return of full services at Grantham Hospital and explore options for free hospital transport for people who require it.

With the expansion of Grantham, we need a fully functioning local hospital. The Tories have failed to deliver and we need a new leadership for Lincolnshire County Council to make this a reality.

Vote Vi King, Labour and Co-operative.

Richard Morgan, Green

No profile was submitted.


Paul Richardson, Labour and Co-operative Party

Paul Richardson (46553735)
Paul Richardson (46553735)

It would be an honour to champion and represent the people of Glen Ward, as their councillor. I am committed to maintaining, improving where possible and championing our villages.

Listening to and addressing issues that are pertinent to the people I serve and represent as a councillor. For example, a recent survey of South Kesterven villages reported a concern for the lack of infrastructure with housing developments such as problems with roads, transport, parking, schools, healthcare and recreation.

Housing developers are obliged to contribute to an area when developing and this should be rigorously enforced and before any approval is given, the infrastructure must be considered.

I consider it my duty to actively pursue the best outcomes for our villages when it comes to housing developments as well as other local issues and concerns. Such as environmental issues, which must be addressed as a matter of urgency. Rising river levels are affecting our villages and I will push to ensure adequate flood defences and actively support a comprehensive green plan.

A police presence is needed to ensure our villages are safe and to actively discourage criminal behaviour, I will work with the Police Commissioner to keep our villages safe.

I would ensure that, as an alternative to the status quo, the people of Glen Ward would see a refreshing change and a new direction, instead of cutting corners and costs, I would seek to preserve and maintain what works and improve what doesn't.

Penny Robins, Conservative Party

Penny Robins (46559698)
Penny Robins (46559698)

I am Penny Robins, and I am delighted to have been selected to represent Glen Ward as the Conservative candidate.

If elected I will work hard on local issues and support you, the residents to make our area an even better place in which to live, work, study, visit and to invest.

I live locally with my husband and children and help run the family business. I have always had an interest in local politics, and this has brought about an opportunity for a local candidate to help local people with local issues.

If I am elected I will work closely with the parish councillors, all residents regardless of party politics and I will join forces with my county council colleagues, the Police and Crime Commissioner and our MP Gareth Davies.

I am passionate about planning and will make sure that if development is necessary it will be sympathetic with the surroundings.

As Conservatives, we have managed successful budgets and that has put SKDC in a sound financial position. We have given over £30m in grants so businesses and communities to offer advice and support. We are taking positive action on climate change and will continue to reduce our carbon footprint.

By voting for Penny Robins on May 6, it means we can continue this work and fund more community projects.

Please use your vote on May 6.

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