Lincolnshire PCC will have ‘failed’ if he doesn’t get funding

PCC Alan Hardwick is interviewed by Lincolnshire Police.
PCC Alan Hardwick is interviewed by Lincolnshire Police.
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Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick will feel he has ‘failed’ if he does not secure more funding for the Force.

He plans to go to Whitehall and demand a ‘fairer deal’ for the county.

In an interview with Tony Diggins from Lincolnshire Police he was asked: if he failed to get a better deal, if he would have any compunction about telling the people that the Government has failed him.

He said: “I think I will have failed, quite frankly, the buck stops with me.

“I’m utterly confident, not overconfident, confident that I can make the Government listen and I can make inroads into what I said in my pre-election speeches. There should be a fairer deal for Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire has been dealt with shabbily in so many ways.”

Mr Hardwick said that in his role he speaks for over 700,000 people. He said: The PCCs are extremely powerful.

“I don’t see how the Government can turn its back, ignore, or side-line someone who speaks for an entire county. I don’t think they realise the power they’ve invested in one person.

“I have the people’s trust and I’m not going to let them down.”

l District and county councillor Ray Wootten has been elected chairman of the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel. The panel’s role is to scrutinise the plans and actions of new Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick. Mr Hardwick’s policing plan will be presented to the panel in February of next year.

Mr Wootten said: “I’m pleased to have been elected as chairman. We will make sure any and all plans are fit for purpose and right for the people of Lincolnshire.”