Lincolnshire Police standing by G4S as other forces withdraw

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Lincolnshire Police insist their outsourcing deal with security firm G4S is unaffected by the collapse of a deal between G4S and three other forces.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, Alan Hardwick, said the force’s relationship with G4S “continues to be a successful one”.

This week it was revealed that a proposed contract between G4S and police forces in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire had collapsed.

Last April the security firm won a ten year, £200 million contract to deliver back office services for Lincolnshire Police.

Mr Hardwick said: “Our relationship with G4S continues to be a successful one.

“Following the smooth transfer of former Lincolnshire police staff, our strategic partner is providing essential services to the people of Lincolnshire, undertaking transformational work to drive efficiency and we are realising financial savings.

“Our contract is structured so that others can join and gain the benefits we have realised.

“We have not been involved directly in the negotiations between G4S and other police and crime commissioners.

“In Lincolnshire, the contract continues to work well.”

A spokesperson for G4S said they echoed Mr Hardwick’s comments, and added that the deal with Lincolnshire Police would not be affected.

Kim Challis, CEO of G4S Government and Outsourcing Solutions, said: “We have put forward a compelling proposition to the police forces of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire which would have guaranteed them savings of over £100 million over the next ten years, allowing them to meet the financial challenge of the Comprehensive Spending Review without compromising on efficiency or public safety.

“Our proposition was to operate back office services at the volume and scale required to deliver significant savings to forces, enabling them to concentrate their resources on frontline roles: it was never about replacing police officers.

“This has already proved to be the case in Lincolnshire, where we have a successful partnership which, in less than a year, has seen us deliver savings in running costs of around 16 per cent.

“We continue to work with a number of signatory forces on the Lincolnshire Police contract, including Hertfordshire, to see how we can help them to generate the savings they need.”

Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd suggested the deal with his particular force was not dead in the water however.

He said: “I am already in discussion with other market providers and will continue to talk with G4S about how they can assist policing support services in Hertfordshire.”