Lincolnshire police support ‘Good neighbours stop rogue traders’ campaign

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As part of their ongoing operation against doorstep crime, Lincolnshire Police are supporting a National Consumer week campaign which starts on Monday, November 3.

Latest research shows that despite a vast under-reporting of doorstep crime, there could be as many as 170,000 such incidents each year.

Doorstep criminals exploit vulnerable citizens by convincing them to pay for shoddy or incomplete repair work, charging extortionate fees for their services, or threatening residents who do not comply.

With National Consumer week the ‘Good neighbours stop rogue traders’ campaign is being launched, which focuses on preventing doorstep crime by encouraging neighbours, family, friends and carers to look out for those most at risk in their communities. The campaign is a partnership led by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI), Citizens Advice and the National Trading Standards Board.

Lincolnshire Police, who are working with partners Lincolnshire Trading standards and Communtiy Lincs in the ongoing Operation Repeat, are supporting the awareness raising week.

Sgt Caroline Broughton said: “In the last 18 months we have been delivering Operation Repeat throughout Lincolnshire. Op Repeat raises awareness with those volunteers, carers and professionals who are visiting the elderly and vulnerable in their homes. They are able to spot when someone is being victimised so action can be taken.

“To date we have 686 people trained, who in turn are delivering to 5812 older or vulnerable members of our communities.

“We are pleased to support this campaign and any other which highlights the problem of these callous, unscrupulous people in our society who spend all their time planning how to take the life savings off vulnerable members of our community. Anything anyone of us can do in our professional or personal lives to prevent this happening has to be positive.”

Further information about the ‘Good neighbours stop rogue traders’ campaign and National Consumer week is avialable on the Trading Standards website