Litter louts beware, we’re out to get you!

Keeping Grantham Clean and Green
Keeping Grantham Clean and Green
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As the battle against litter louts hots up, CCTV cameras have been installed at a fly-tipping hotspot in a bid to catch some of the worst offenders.

The Journal and South Kesteven District Council have teamed up in a campaign to make Grantham ‘Green and Clean’, with anyone caught falling foul of the littering laws to be hit with a big fine.

The latest measures being taken by SKDC to tackle the problem include the installation of CCTV cameras at Green Lane, Welby, an area of the district where fly-tipping is a major problem. Since January 2013, SKDC has spent more than £2,000 clearing illegally dumped rubbish in eight separate incidents at this spot.

Now cameras have been fitted to telegraph poles at both ends of the lane in a bid to catch the culprits.

The council’s operations director Ian Yates said: “Most businesses dispose of their rubbish responsibly and therefore it is only fair we prosecute those who dump waste in this and other green lanes across South Kesteven,

“Irresponsible action like this does nothing to sell the district and attract people to want to live and stay in the area.

“Dumping rubbish at locations like Green Lane makes an otherwise picturesque countryside route an eyesore. No one wants to walk, cycle or spend time in an area plagued by this mess.

“Every household and business has a responsibility to dispose of rubbish in the correct manner.

“We are monitoring the situation in this area, noting car registration plates, and will prosecute anyone we identify who dumps waste here, or anywhere in South Kesteven.”

Street litter patrols in Grantham have also been increased, with people being encouraged to bin chewing gum, cigarette butts and other litter, or face a £75 fine if they fail to do so.

Mr Yates said: “Following news that we were clamping down on street litterers these increased patrols have given residents a reassurance we are enforcing across the town.

“We’re working with residents, but making it clear we are enforcing fixed penalty notices for those that flout the rules.

“We are determined to make Grantham and South Kesteven as clean, green and healthy as possible for residents and visitors alike.”

If you know of a litter hotspot near you, call the council’s environmental team on 01476 406080.