Local politicians are talking nonsense

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David Burling, your party screwed and ruined this country for 13 years through your ex-leaders, who still make a fortune giving speeches and being able to manipulate their tax returns.

Nick Boles, your party promised so many things to get votes. You have not delivered and your leader, Cameron, could be Blair’s twin.

I will admit now and again, I like to go to a “proper pub” for a pint, as do thousands of other people. It is part of the local community. What is happening to our proper pubs? They are all closing and mainly due to extortionate government taxes.

Here’s a list of good, local pubs that have closed in the last few years, and there may be some I have not thought of: Barley Mow, Manners Arms, Springfield Arms (very recently), Huntingtower Arms, Wagon and Horses, Spotted Cow, Churchills, Isaac Newton, plus many village pubs.

Come on then you politicians who want or think that Grantham is great - what are you going to do? Talk more nonsense?


Redcross Street, Grantham