London Road fiasco

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Further to an article you printed on September 24th of last year in which I highlighted along with another resident the issues regarding safe crossing of London Road junction.

I sent copies to the Highway Agency, who I would like to point out simply ignored my email and to yourselves. After reading the follow up comments by Cllr Adam Stokes quoting ‘the good news is that it has been scheduled on the Major Development Works by Council to be completely redone in the very near future’. I ask how long is the ‘very near future?’.

I also note comments made by John Pinchbeck stating ‘there were conditions imposed on the developers’, these being Bovis Homes on Springfield road back in 2003 when planning permission was granted. Without being cynical, which is something hard not to be reading those quotes, I ask why this has not been completed. It is now 2011! Springfield Road is now an utter disgrace, using it involves weaving from side to side to avoid as many potholes as possible without incurring damage to your vehicle.

On a personal level I would have used definitive timescales to ease the concerns of parents and individuals using this ‘area’, however the Council and the relevant bodies avoidance of these appears ‘par for the course’. I wonder if it is possible we could be given such a definitive date.

Perhaps next time we are requested to make council tax bill payments we could use the phrase ‘in the very near future’ when replying to such requests....

Someone stand up, take responsibilty and enforce all of the 278 planning conditions imposed on Bovis Homes. Perhaps then you may sway people’s perception of the local council..

Paul McNulty