Long Bennington lane floods...again

Long Bennington land floods again.
Long Bennington land floods again.
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FIREFIGHTERS were called to Long Bennington on Saturday night after sudden heavy rainfall caused Welbournes Lane to flood.

Fortunately it is not thought that any of the houses were damaged and the crew were able to pump the water into nearby drains.

Michael Baker has lived in the lane for almost 20 years. Although he and his family were away over the weekend, he realised what had happened as soon as he set eyes on the muck on his driveway upon his return.

He said: “The water came about three feet past the end of the driveway. If it were any higher it would have flooded the garage, like it has done before.”

According to Michael the lane floods once or twice a year. He said people living there have complained to the council and an extra drain was put in but it has not helped.

He said: “It’s impossible to get off the driveway until the water is pumped out. You’re stuck in your house and can’t go anywhere.”

The lane is pictured during a flood last year.