Look at wind turbine applications carefully

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Looking on the SKDC website at the applications for the wind turbines on the ridge overlooking Barkston, Honnington and Carlton Scroop (S11/1922) it is noted that there are 2x50kw turbines being applied for.

Why not 1x100kw one? With two towers and blades to be manufactured, that leads the way to there being two sources of noise and two areas of environmental and wildlife impact.

It makes no sense. How green exactly are these sources of green energy?

It is worth looking at the above application to see how misleading a turbine application can be.

A different name to the Environmental Impact Assessment screening, moved location to EIA, wrong information, missing information and crazy photography, it’s got it all.

If these turbines are approved the planning officer will insist on them being lit at night because of the local airfields. The light will be behind the blades on each turbine. With the turbine at Frinkley Farm already in the early stages of construction, that will mean three and possibly later (there is another application in the early stages for two more turbines) five dominating red strobe lights high in the sky over all the villages on the A607 and A153 as far as Woodland Waters.

Even in daylight turbines are a distraction and the last thing the A607/A153 needs is more drivers distracted, resulting in more shocking accidents

David Smith