Loving homes are needed for poor moggies

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Once again, the message sounding clear from Grantham cat rescue centre is “neuter your cats!”

Irresponsible cat owners are having a significant impact on Grantham Rescue of Cats and Kittens (ROCK), with several pregnant female cats and groups of kittens being handed in.

Grantham Rescue of Cats and Kittens (ROCK) appeal: Princess

Grantham Rescue of Cats and Kittens (ROCK) appeal: Princess

Cath Rowson, who runs the rescue centre from her Redcross Street home, said: “We ask people to please get their cats neutered at six months old to stop unwanted kittens being born in sheds or outbuildings, or even under hedges at this time of year.

“I’m now getting phone calls to help catch mother cats and kittens being found as strays all over Grantham and the villages.

“Please don’t dump your unneutered cat in a field and think ‘out of sight, out of mind’ as someone has to sort it out, which is all too often me or one of my helpers. It all makes extra work for us.”

Cath offers help with the cost of neutering cats where owners are unable to afford it.

Donations of food are also desperately needed. Food can be dropped off in donation bins in Kennlegate Pet Store, London Road, or Morrisons, or left on Cath’s doorstep at 41 Redcross Street.

l To adopt a cat, or for more information, call Cath on 01476 571636.

Wolfie is a ginger male, with long hair. His sister is Penny, a white and black, long-haired cat. They are both aged 20 months and must be rehomed together. Both cats are a little shy at first but have lovely temperaments. They cannot be rehomed with other cats or dogs.

Amy is a lovely white and black, short-haired girl, aged 18 months. She would make a lovely family pet and would be suited to a family with older children. She cannot be rehomed with dogs but she could live with another cat.

Lulu is ginger and white, and aged three years old. She is friendly and very much a homely cat. She would like a nice garden to sit in and enjoy the sunshine. She cannot be rehomed with dogs, cats or small children.

Sooty is a black and white male, aged around three years. He has a lovely nature and likes everyone. He likes to be in the garden. He can be rehomed with another cat, or a dog.

Princess is a tabby and white girl, aged three years old. She is a house cat and would settle best with an older woman living alone. She is a good companion, and loves to be fussed and to play. She cannot be rehomed with other cats or a dog.