Lunar eclipse captured from a Grantham garden

Tuesday morning's lunar eclipse.
Tuesday morning's lunar eclipse.
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JOURNAL reader and amateur astronomist Jonathan Turner captured these striking images of last night’s lunar eclipse.

Jonathan, of Dysart Road, Grantham, used his telescope fixed with a digital camera to take the photographs in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning's lunar eclipse.

Tuesday morning's lunar eclipse.

Jonathan took the day off work for the event and talked us talks you through his night

He said: “I got up at 4am to a cold and frosty clear sky and after getting some hot coffee I set up my six-inch refractor telescope in the garden.

“At 0533 the left side of the moon started to darken slightly - this is called first penumbral contact.

“At 0630 was the start of the first umbral contact, where a “bit” can be taken out of the moon. As the Earth’s shadow creeps over the moon’s surface, more of a bit is taken until finally, at 0739, the moon was completely in shadow.

“Normally the moon would turn a bright orange or deep red but the early morning sky was bright and with the low haze, the moon became invisible.

“This is the last lunar eclipse visible from the UK until June, 2011. That too will be low but in an evening sky.”