Magnifico Sorrento’s was a hit with this family

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I LOVE Italian food so when my wife said she was taking me to Sorrento’s in Market Place for a birthday treat with our children, it was a mouthwatering prospect.

Sorrento’s has been a reputable eatery in the town for some years now and with a plentiful menu of pasta, pizza, meat and fish dishes I was going to have a difficult time making up my mind. I had thought I would settle on one of their 13-inch stone baked pizzas but was persuaded to try something a little different and so plumped for the Pesce Spada - swordfish in a pepper lemon butter.

Swordfish has a steak-like texture and covered in the tangy lemon butter it was delicious. The dish came with a choice of pasta, rice or potatoes and I chose the pasta to keep the Italian theme running.

But I am running slightly ahead of myself. We did choose a starter and the kids went for the garlic pizza, but because it is a very large portion they decided to share it with me. With three pieces each it was plenty to start the meal and the tangy tomato sauce on the pizza bread was incredibly tasty. My wife chose the Funghi di Sorrento, oven-baked flat mushrooms filled with garlic, herbs, cheese and tomato. It was such a hit with her that she is determined to make it at home. A promising start!

My daughter, a vegetarian, decided on the Margarita pizza for her main course which she said was delicious and I can testify to that as I tried to finish it off for her. I also tasted my son’s Spaghetti alla Bolognese which was great in a Napoli sauce with herbs. So far so good, but it was to get even better. My wife chose the Tagliatelli Marina, a dish of scampi tails, prawns and mussels tossed with tagliatelli in a Napoli and cream sauce. She said it was perfect.

Well, that could have ended a fabulous meal, but being the Newtons we could not refuse the sweets menu. The children chose profiteroles as they cannot resist chocolate. My wife chose the lemon cheesecake which she said she didn’t want to end...pretty good for someone who isn’t keen on puddings of any kind. I finished with the iced zabaglioni which I must admit I chose because I wasn’t sure what it was! It’s a kind of custard dessert made of egg yolks, sugar and wine and had a distinctive vanilla flavour. Delicious, but I felt it could have had something extra to compliment it like some fruit to give the taste some variation.

Overall this was a delicious meal which everybody in the family enjoyed.


Review by Graham Newton