Major M. Crookes

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MAJOR Michael Crookes, of Teesdale Road, Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. He was 74.

Mr Crookes was born in Dinnington, South Yorkshire, the son of Irene and Arnold Crookes. He was the elder brother of Trevor and Sandra.

In 1959 he married Mildred Phillips. They had three children, Lesley, Wendi and Alison. He was grandfather to Benjamin, Claire, Bethan, Gabrielle and Angus.

Mr Crookes worked at Dinnington Coal Mine from 1951 to 1971, as a miner and he was the captain of the mine rescue team. He and his wife then became officers in the Salvation Army until their retirement in 2000.

His interests included gardening, photography, camping, walking, snooker and spending time with his family.

The funeral service was held at the Salvation Army Citadel, London Road, Grantham, conducted by Lt Colonels Ivan and Anita Croucher. Cremation followed at Grantham Crematorium.

Family mourners included: Mildred Crookes, Lesley Selby, Thomas Selby, Wendi Crookes, Sven Kruger, Alison Downs, Gareth Downs, Benjamin Selby, Natasha Selby, Claire Jones, Timothy Jones, Bethan Downs, Gabrielle Downs and Angus Kruger-Crookes.

Other mourners included: Anita Croucher, Ivan Croucher, Marta Ager, Doreen Ashford, Pat Crestham, Maj Sheila and Michael Warden, Glenda Turner, Mr and Mrs B. Walker, Alan Robinson, Mr Alison, Kyle and Anne Kinton, Beryl Robson, Phil Hodgins, Anne and Michael Maxell, Mr Lewington, Ruth Freisham, Tai Freisham, Mary Selby, Natalie and Jonathan Freisham, Brenda Larkin, Robert Parker, Susan Wanden, Ron Baker, Mrs Mann, Janice Clayton, Maj Merle Garrad, Maj David Garrad, Nigel and Evelyn Downs, Robert and Sandra Gratton, Sue and Stephen Hobson, Mr and Mrs Phillips, Mari Louise and Simon Lipscombe, Barbara and Bernard Snoop, Sharon Long, Graham Long, Mike Larkin, Mr and Mrs G. Roberts, Gillian Hobson, Doreen Hobson, Andrew Hobson, Lt Col Caddy, Mr and Mrs McFarlane, Ruth Whitehouse, Sheila Holland, Beryl Walden, Richard and Ingrid Lyon, Robert Taylor, Paul Atkinson, Mrs Cummings, Richard Taylor, Maggie Donnelly, Tom and Betty Selby, Margaret Roberts, Maj Barbara Redmile, Margaret Bell, Hazel Bushell, John Bushell, Deborah Holmes, Jean Adnams, Keith Adnams, Mary Booth, Margaret McComb, Harry and Margaret Spiers, Brenda and Stuart Snowball, Mr and Mrs D. Phillips, Vickie Phillips, Ian Phillips, Mollie Parker, Mike and Wendy Cattel, Hazel Louth, Leslie Martin, Jean Carter, Doreen Towney, Malcolm Andrews, Sarah Andrews-Page, Mr and Mrs Crookes, S. Simmons, Mr G. Horne, Lisa Larkin, Lauren Larkin, Ernest Hodgkin, Maj Joy Caddy, Lisa Nicholson, Michelle Kenny, Lissie Kenny, James and Rebecca Urquhart, Mrs J. Green, Emma McGray, Andrew McGray, Mr and Mrs Pattinson, Paul Keen and Peter, Rosemary and Kevin Goor.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Colorectal Trust and The Salvation Army.