Major science and arts festival planned for 2012

The festival will be linked to Sir Isaac Newton.
The festival will be linked to Sir Isaac Newton.
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GRANTHAM will soon be home to a major science and arts festival which could attract national and international visitors to the town.

The week-long festival would be based around Sir Isaac Newton and is expected to become a regular event held every two years in town, with the first planned for early next summer.

Planning is in the early stages but South Kesteven District Council, which came up with the idea, is committed to making it a success with the help of businesses, schools and other organisations in the town.

David Mather, SKDC Growth and Investment Manager, is working on the project having previously been involved in a similar event in Stoke-on-Trent.

He said: “It is about celebrating the past but also looking forward to the future using a science and arts-based festival using Grantham’s history as the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton.

“Grantham has this unique heritage that nobody else can lay claim to.”

Mr Mather said the science and arts festival would be the first of its kind in the country and could even tie in with the “cultural Olympiad” in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics.

He added: “It could create a legacy of art work celebrating Sir Isaac Newton that forms a legacy for the town going forward.

“It’s all about putting Grantham back on the map based on its historical heritage.”

Mr Mather said the science and arts festival is part of a wider plan alongside Grantham Growth Point aimed at promoting and building up the town.

However, the project will have its costs and the council will soon be looking to recruit a festival director who will oversee the project. The cost of this is as yet unknown but Mr Mather hopes sponsorship, other partner organisations and various grants could cover much of the cost.

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