Majority of eateries in district have top hygiene rating

Food hygiene rating.
Food hygiene rating.
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South Kesteven District Council is urging the public to support quality local eateries which have achieved good hygiene ratings.

Of the 965 places to eat out in the district, 684 have the top rating of five stars, 154 have a rating of four and 77 have three.

That leaves only 50 eateries with a rating of two or less.

Five stars represents ‘very good’ while none means ‘urgent improvement necessary’.

All eateries display green and black hygiene rating stickers in their windows. If you can’t see one, ask staff or check online at

Catriona Stewart, Head of Food Hygiene Ratings Team at the Food Standards Agency, said: “The scheme is a great tool when choosing to eat out because it tells you what’s going on in the kitchen and behind the scenes.

“For local eateries, a good rating will be good for business during the festive season.”

Councillor John Smith said: “The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme makes it easier for everyone to choose to eat out in places where food hygiene is taken seriously.”