Malaria survivor from Newton to live on £1 a day this week ‑ day 3

Mandy George has lived below the line for Malaria No More UK.
Mandy George has lived below the line for Malaria No More UK.
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Mandy George who survived malaria 15 months ago, has recounted her experiences on day 3 of her challenge to live on just £1 a day in order to raise money for Malaria No More UK.

Mandy’s five days of living on a limited budget comes ahead of the national Live Below the Line week taking place between April 28 and May 2.

She hopes that by trying it out and keeping a daily diary, she will prove that anyone can do it and encourage others to have a go themselves.

For further information about the Live Below the Line campaign, or to sign up to the challenge yourself, please visit

Mandy George ‑ Live Below the Line food diary

Day 3: 02/04/14

This morning I woke up feeling hungry. My body had been welcoming a bit less food intake but now it is complaining. Thank goodness for the filling bowl of porridge for breakfast! Today I reverted to apple, honey and cinnamon: an apple crumble porridge. Can you tell I like (and am missing) my desserts? For lunch I decided to get creative: potato, lentil and vegetable patty. I had considered a Spanish omelette but I don’t have nearly enough oil available, and not using olive oil would be a crime. The preparation process was fun – and reminded me that there are lots of things you can do with £1 a day. I’m looking at my dwindling supply of food and wondering if it will last me until Friday. My food creativity will certainly be stifled as sauce and vegetable options run out!

As well as daily updates on the Journal website, you can follow Mandy’s challenge via Twitter @MandyGeorge and sponsor Mandy by going to, where details of her menu each day can also be found.