Mallard arrives in Grantham!

The Mallard at Grantham train station. 433D
The Mallard at Grantham train station. 433D
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The arrival of the Mallard this afternoon was kept low-key but still attracted more than 100 train enthusiasts to Grantham station.

Those hoping to watch the record-breaking steam locomotive as it passed through the station, many taking photographs and video for posterity, were left disappointed when a passenger train coming the other way and blocked the view of the majority of those watching from platform two.

But those in attendance were in far too jovial a mood to be downbeat.

This weekend’s events have been organised by the Mallard Grantham Partnership and those who came out on Wednesday agreed with the group’s chairman Henry Cleary when he said: “It’s a tremendous achievement to get the Mallard back here, close to the point where the record was achieved and very close to where it started its record-breaking run.”

Colin Holloway of Kingscliffe Road, Grantham, used to come to Grantham train station as a boy to watch the trains come in.

He said: “I think it’s excellent and I’m so pleased they‘ve done it. You get used to things being too much trouble so they don’t happen but this time they have gone to the trouble to make it happen.”

Organisers knew this weekend’s events would inevitably prove popular with train enthusiasts but organisers, who are predicting a turnout of around 3,500 over Saturday and Sunday, are hopeful the general public will back the event which is free to all.