Man falls foul of ‘draconian’ court order at Grantham court

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A Facebook message caused a man to breach a court order and pick up a fine of £110.

Lee Prince of Second Avenue in Grantham was banned from contacting his ex-partner - who is pregnant with his baby - after she successfully applied for a non-molestation order.

However, Prince, 24, sent a message to the complainant’s sister on Facebook which he asked to be passed to his ex-partner.

In interview, Prince said he made contact with the sister as he wanted to make sure the baby was doing okay and did not realise that would be a breach.

Bill Fraser, defending, criticised molestation orders, describing them as “draconian” as many of his clients, such as Prince, do not even know they have been applied for until they are accepted by a court and a letter sent out.

Mr Fraser said: “It is very draconian but that’s the current state of the law since it was passed.”

Mr Fraser said Prince now knows he must make contact via a solicitor.

He added: “He had heard there was a problem with the baby she expects which is his child. He now accepts he went about it totally the wrong way.”

George Hoyles, chairman of magistrates, fined Prince £110 and told him he will “learn the lesson the hard way”.

Prince, who admitted the breach, must also pay £85 in costs and a £20 surcharge.