Man punched his gran at Grantham home ‘to get her out of the way’

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A restraining order was taken out preventing a man from contacting his 87-year-old grandmother after he attacked her in her own home.

Steven Warrener of Hornsby Road in Grantham admitted assault after twice punching his grandmother in the head while living at her home in Norton Street, Grantham.

Warrener’s attack came to light thanks to a carer who noticed the bruising to the victim’s face and head during a routine visit to her home.

Chris Pye-Smith, defending described the incident as a “wreckless assault”, adding that Warrener “did not intend to cause injury or harm”.

Mr Pye-Smith said Warrener has receives severe disablement allowance. He said the incident came about as Warrener had not eaten or drank much and feared a hypoglycemic attack, so he needed to act quickly.

Mr Pye-Smith added: “He struck his grandmother to get her out of the way because he needed to get to the kitchen to get some food and drink.”

The victim made no statement in the case but the prosecution sought a restraining order preventing Warrener from contacting his grandmother which was not opposed by the defence.

Mr Pye-Smith said: “There is no suggestion of any threat by him to his grandmother but a restraining order should provide the appropriate protection.”

The restraining order prevents Warrener from contacting his grandmother, “except on one occasion through a letter of apology through the police”.

Warrener was given an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £80 in costs.