Margaret Thatcher ruined Britain

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I was interested in reading an article on the BBC website about your town boosting tourism by having a statue erected of Margaret Thatcher – daughter of Grantham.

Apparently she did so much for this country and is for some reason regarded by many as the best Prime Minster we have ever had in charge of our nation.

By all means erect a statue to this lady, though I do not see her through rose-tinted glasses.

Rather, I see her as a woman who broke the back of this country, turning steel towns into shopping malls, mining communities into ghost-towns, and doing unspeakable damage to anything north of Watford.

Yes, a fitting plaque on the statue would be: her record millions on the dole, economic meltdown, schools in decline and hospitals decimated.

If you put that on a plaque, I will make a donation.

Mark Rowe

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