Margaret Thatcher talk and ballot at Grantham care home

Ballot box.
Ballot box.
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In the run-up to the General Election, residents at a Grantham care home have been getting in the voting mood with a variety of election-inspired events.

As part of the Orders of St John Care Trust’s ‘Voting Champions’ initiative, care home Gregory House on Welby Gardens has been encouraging residents to vote in the election, as well as holding their own in-house ballot on how they would like the home’s garden to be decorated.

After an afternoon tea complete with sandwiches, scones and snowballs, the residents put pen to paper and voted on whether they would like a water feature, a gazebo trellis or a sensory garden as the centrepiece of their back garden.

Their voting slips were submitted into a specially made ballot box, with the votes still to be counted and officially announced.

Gregory’s House’s residents also took part in a very successful ‘Past Prime Ministers Reminiscence’ event, with many having a great deal to say and enjoying a lively chat on their memories of voting.

There was also a ‘Margaret Thatcher Reminiscence’ and a further dedicated discussion on the forthcoming election, before the residents were treated to a piano performance by visiting volunteer Doreen, who rather impressively played non-stop for an hour and a half.

The activities are aimed at encouraging those people living in residential care homes to vote in the General Election, so they can make their voices heard and have an important say in how their country is run for the next few years.

Gregory House would also very much like to hear from any council and parliamentary candidates who would like to visit the home and discuss their policies with the residents. To arrange this contact Wayne or Beverley on 01476 562192.