Market Place Orrery is lacking any real finesse

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In response to the comment from Steve Jones last week, I have to say, no he is not alone.

The market place orrery is not the best choice of centrepiece. To start with, the work quality is poor, the oversized base and the thickness of the welds give it a rough and industrial look, lacking any finesse, this is an art work by committee.

Then the lack of any information in the form of a sign or maybe a plaque. It leaves many wondering what it is, or does, or if it is finished, and what relevance it has to Grantham?

A real orrery is a masterpiece of craftmanship, its purpose being immediately obvious, and many are now hugely expensive works of art. In contrast, the Grantham version is crude, blocky, angular and devoid of any merit: save giving the pigeons somewhere to rest.

If there was a display to illustrate what it is and what the various brass discs (set into the floor around it) represent, at least it would have some educational use for kids.

I daren’t ask how much this cost, it will no doubt be eye wateringly expensive. No great benefit has been realised here.

Verdict: half baked, poorly executed.

Mr E. Tree,