Marston campaign to save village pub fails

The Thorold Arms in the centre of Marston.
The Thorold Arms in the centre of Marston.
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Villagers have failed in their attempt to buy the local pub and save it for the community.

The Thorold Arms, at Marston, was bought at an auction in Leeds yesterday (Thursday). It is not known who has bought it.

The village tried to secure the future of the pub by setting up a Community Share Offer which raised a total of £120,000, a record amount per household for that kind of project.

Sandra Allen, of the Save the Thorold Arms Campaign, said: “We are devastated. We have been working on saving the pub for a year. We have done our best, but unfortunately within the timeframe it wasn’t enough. We are all pretty gutted.”

Mrs Allen said it was a disaster for the village because the pub used to house a shop, the only one in the village. The nearest shop now is on the A1. Campaigners wanted to revive the pub and shop, as well as use the building as a community hub.

Mrs Allen added: “We do not know who else was interested in it. We will have to wait and see what happens. We never say die but we will have to wind up the share offer. The money is in trust and will go back to the share owners.”

The Thorold Arms closed in July 2015, leaving about 150 households in Marston and 70 in neighbouring Hougham without a pub or shop.