Maternity closure - Nick Boles: ‘The most important thing is to maintain antenatal and postnatal care’

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Grantham MP Nick Boles says he hopes NHS Lincolnshire “does not conclude that they need to close Grantham’s maternity unit”.

However, Mr Boles believes maintaining antenatal and postnatal care at Grantham Hospital is “the most important thing”.

NHS Lincolnshire has said that both antenatal and postnatal care will be kept at Grantham Hospital.

Mr Boles said: “I have full admiration for the people who work at the maternity unit at Grantham Hospital and know how much those who have used the service value the very personal care and support that they provide. Unfortunately very few mothers have been choosing to have their babies there in recent years.

“In these difficult financial times, I understand why the NHS has to look at making savings so that they can invest in services for which the needs are growing, such as dementia care.

“I hope that NHS Lincolnshire does not conclude that they need to close Grantham’s Maternity Unit but the most important thing is that it maintains the very popular antenatal and postnatal care services provided by our wonderful community midwives.”