Mayoress’ attitude left me astonished

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In the 35 years I have lived in Grantham, I have often found it difficult to raise a great deal of faith in the local council, but the insulting and patronising attitude of an elected councillor (Jean P Taylor) leaves me astonished.

This ‘new’ councillor clearly has no time for anyone with an opinion differing from her own.

Regarding the Orrery, the fact that only 251 people (57% of 440 votes) out of the thousands who must have passed through the Market Place and were asked to vote on the petition should have conveyed a clear message.

The fact that the vast majority of people in this town, myself included, chose not to vote for any of the three ‘options’ is the clearest indication (to anyone but a politician) that, had the fourth and most vital question been included - “Do you want your Council to spend £20k on any of these silly statues?” - the answer would surely have been an unequivocal “NO”.

Providing good quality seating to encourage shoppers to spend some time in the area should never take precedence over the Mid Lent Fair - an event that takes up a few days each year and does little for the local economy.

Like many other towns, Grantham’s problems will not go away easily but the chances of improvement seems unlikely when councillors have such a pathetic grasp of how a democratic system works and so little regard for the views of those who elected them.