Meet Lincolnshire’s greatest citizen

Betty Summersby with her award. 308D
Betty Summersby with her award. 308D
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A pensioner from Oasby has been named ‘Lincolnshire Citizen of the Year’.

The award was presented to Betty, 78, at the Lincolnshire Show on Wednesday, for services to the village, a place she has lived in all her life.

She delivers monthly church newsletters and prescription medication to folks using Ancaster Surgery, via bicycle or on foot. Working tirelessly day in and day out, she also provides travel for her beloved grandchildren and takes great pride in preserving her community, through such activities as fund-raising for the parish church.

Betty told the Journal: “If you don’t get involved in your community then what’s the point of living in a village?”

She added that she sees the work she does as just “what anyone in a village would do”.

Betty began her community crusade at just 16 years old, as a receptionist at the county council where she worked for 13 years. She has since been on the church committee for over 50 years and was a member of the parish council for some 29 years.

Betty shows no sign of let up for the future, saying: “As long as my health is good I shall endeavour to carry on.”

In fact, when the Journal contacted her, she was preparing a Victoria sponge cake, ready for an upcoming Church fund-raiser.

As well as receiving the framed award at the Lincolnshire Show, Betty won £50. She was invited to the show by county council chairman Councillor Ray Wootten.