Memory Lane: Smile please, it’s time for tea in front of the camera

Journal memories Woolsthorpe by Belvoir
Journal memories Woolsthorpe by Belvoir
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Journal readers have been helping Susan MacFarlane find out about previous generations of her family in Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir.

Susan, who lives in Canada, had a good response to a couple of pictures published earlier, when she told us she was a descendent of Charles Rickett.

Her grandfather’s name was William (Bill) Rickett and his mother was Lucy Rickett.

Now she has sent us two more pictures. One is a postcard of a parade in Woolsthorpe in 1912, taken near the house in which she believes her ancestors lived.

The other picture shows two ladies drinking tea, but she says she knows nothing about it, other than it was taken in the village, or perhaps in Grantham.

Susan, who lives in Fort McMurray, Alberta, adds that the picture has a rather unnatural appearance, but we wonder if that could be simply because the ladies were not used to posing for the camera, or perhaps the cups of tea were photographer’s props.

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