Metal pair fined

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TWO men admitted theft by finding after attempting to sell a tractor part to scrap metal dealers.

Ruben da Silva, 33, and Daniel Neiva, 25, who live together in Norton Street, Grantham, were accused of breaking into an allotment in Harrowby Road and stealing the metal part.

The pair then visited two scrap yards in an attempt to sell the metal, but were turned away when the owners became suspicious. They then dumped the metal on a patch of grass.

Chris Pye-Smith, defending both men, told the court both da Silva and Neiva denied breaking in to the allotment and stealing the item. He said both men had told him they found the metal.

But Mr Pye-Smith added: “They cannot put forward a realistic defence that they genuinely believed the property had been abandoned.”

Mr Pye-Smith added that his clients “took the property and were, at best, ambivalent as to its true ownership”.

Neiva was fined £135 while da Silva was fined £75. Both men were ordered to pay £85 in costs and a £15 surcharge.