Miss E. M. Phillips

Obituary: Elsie May Phillips, of Redcross Street, Grantham
Obituary: Elsie May Phillips, of Redcross Street, Grantham
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MISS Elsie May Phillips, of Redcross Street, Grantham, has died in Harrowby Lodge Nursing Home. She was 91.

Born in Bermondsey, London, she was the eldest of three sisters and two brothers.

In 1940 she went to work on the farms in the Rickmansworth area and soon joined the Women’s Land Army. She was very proud when in 2008, she received her Land Army Medal and certificate, signed by the then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

In 1950 she joined the staff of the Stanborough Press in Watford, moving to Grantham in 1966 when the company relocated to the town. She worked as an engraver and in the bindery department.

Miss Phillips then spent some time working for Fine Fare.

In her younger days she enjoyed travelling to visit friends in Europe and North America. A sociable person, she was very involved in helping people in need and she regularly volunteered as a helper at a camp in Wales, for people with special needs.

An active member of the local Seventh-day Adventist Church, she led their community services department for many years, often storing furniture and clothing in her own home until it could go to those who needed it.

Miss Phillips enjoyed reading, listening to classical music, particularly opera, walking her dog and meeting with her friends.

The funeral service was held at the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Dudley Road, Grantham, conducted by Pastor John Ferguson. Burial followed in Grantham Cemetery.

Family mourners included: Marg Phillips, Jim Phillips, Kath Anderson, Keith Anderson, Jim Anderson, James Phillips, Shirley Mackenzie, Stacey Kirby, Claire Warren and Lucy Evans.

Other mourners included: Sheila Phillips, Henrietta Deazle, Etta Smith, Pastor John Ferguson, Rachel Surridge, Mr and Mrs Clemonds, Peter and Audrey Howard, David Bell, Abigail Murphy, Mark Walmsley, Alison Jeins, Julian Hibbert, Dorothy Nix, Mrs C. Smith, Eddie Barradine, Juliet Simpson, Mrs Ferguson, Felicity James, Eric and Margaret Lowe, Anita Marshall, Roger Rose, Sallyann Jackson, John Jackson, Shirley and Pete Dowson, Mr and Mrs Lindsay, Stuart and Brenda Snowball, Fiona Salvage, Mrs Poddar, Stephen Bull, Jenny Johnson, Debbie Rees, Samantha Sellars, Mr and Mrs Walmsley, Paul Poddar, Mike Cowen, Jack Elvy, Graham and Pauline Allcock, David and Margaret James, Vivienne Barratt-Peacock, Dr Kevin Shelbourn, Lillian Davis, Christine Cox, Natasha Cox, Rosemary Bull, Mr and Mrs Carnell, Kath and David Kelly, Hazel Tebb, Trevor and Kristina Hammond, Doug Sinclair, Melissa Thorogood, Nicola Dickinson, Kathleen Till, Martin Ferguson, Mr and Mrs B. Bell, Mr and Mrs Sutton, Joan Moore, Denise Moore, Lee and Lydia Gallagher, Karen and Richard Shelbourn, Carolyn Fairbrother, Gudrun Middleditch, Margaret Jones, Win Cowley, Steve and Elizabeth Holden, June Maxfield, Christine Newman, Jim Cunningham, Mervyn and Margaret Whiting, Steven Coxhead, Maureen Hammond, Phyllis Coldwell and Della Astleford.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for Adventist Frontier Missions amount to more than £300.