Missing dog Kenai has heart murmur

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An owner is desperately searching for her missing dog who has a heart condition and needs medication.

Kenai, a male Tamaskan, was out walking with his owner Sam Scales. As she loaded the car, deer crossed the track and Kenai gave chase. He was lost between Corby Glen and Irnham but has possibly been sighted near Hawthorpe.

Sam, who lives in Edenham, said she was desperate to get the rescue dog home where he belongs. He has a grade three heart murmur and she is worried about being out in the cold.

She said: “He is on medication and his life is seriously endangered without it. Apart from the fact we miss him like crazy it is vital we get him home so he can gets his medication. I am worried beyond belief.”

When he disappeared, Kenai was wearing a leather collar with two ID tags. He is also microchipped.

Call Sam on 07800 603494 if you spot Kenai.