Mixture of drugs led to man’s death

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A YOUNG man died after using a combination of drugs without a prescription.

Michael Cox, of Alexandra Road, Grantham, died at home after taking methadone and diazepam. The combination affected the 21-year-old’s nervous system and most likely led to fatal ‘opioid toxicity’.

The inquest heard that Mr Cox had not been prescribed either of the drugs.

Earlier last year Mr Cox had been referred to a crisis team after attending Grantham Hospital with superficial cuts to his wrist with a bread knife. He was assessed and not thought to be suicidal.

However, the team lost contact with Mr Cox when he refused to respond to phone calls and letters.

His body was discovered at home by a support worker following calls by a concerned neighbour who was unable to get a response when knocking on the door.

Returning his verdict, Assistant Deputy Coroner Paul Smith said Mr Cox died as a result of a non-dependant abuse of drugs.