More than 1,000 have signed SOS Grantham Hospital’s petition so far...

Charmaine and John Morgan and Jane Bennett man the SOS Grantham Hospital stall in the Isaac Newton Centre on Wednesday.
Charmaine and John Morgan and Jane Bennett man the SOS Grantham Hospital stall in the Isaac Newton Centre on Wednesday.
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Well over 1,000 people have already signed a petition against proposed changes to services at Grantham Hospital, including the scrapping of the town’s Maternity Unit.

Members of SOS Grantham Hospital have been in the Isaac Newton Centre today asking people to sign the petition.

Charmaine Morgan of SOS Grantham Hospital said NHS Lincolnshire must recognise the strength of feeling of people in the town.

She said: “It’s absolutely crucial in a democratic country that the commissioning group listens to the people of Grantham - we pay them, they work for us.

“If the people of Grantham are telling them what services they want then they must listen to us.”

Charmaine estimates there has been around 1,300 signatures so far with 2,000 names the goal.

The deadline for signatures is February 20 so people are asked to sign up quickly.

The SOS Grantham Hospital petition calls for:

1) The return of a fully operational A&E Unit with only exceptional cases being transferred.

The loss of support for the A&E unit has led to an increase in risk to patient safety, and delay in receipt of emergency care, where surgery is required, or may be required. Medical skills and training can be shared across the group of hospitals.

2) A Consultant led team to return to our Midwifery Unit.

We oppose its closure, especially given more than 2,000 babies were born in this area last year. Local mothers are being denied a real choice and forced to travel long distances in labour, risking their life and their baby’s life.

3) The provision of an Acute Stroke Unit so we have parity with Boston and Lincoln residents.

4) Return patient and carer transport should be provided where it is necessary to transfer patients for initial and follow up treatment.

You can sign the petition at:

Mark Jarvis Betting Shop


Munch Cafe


Costa Coffee (on their noticeboard)

The Journal

Thomas Cook

Hatton Goldsmiths


Scotts Newsagent

Cheque Centre

The Extracare Charitable Trust

Foxes Music


Co-op Store (Harrowby Estate)

You can also sign in the following villages...

Harlaxton Post Office

Croxton Kerrial, Peacock Inn

Long Bennington Post Office

Great Gonerby Post Office

Great Gonerby Social Club

Ancaster Post Office

Wilsford Post Office

You can take part in the Shaping Health for Mid Kesteven consultation which, among other proposals, calls for Grantham to lose it maternity unit.

Find out more and take part in the consultation by logging on to