More worthy than Queen’s jubilee?

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Suddenly Grantham has found Union Flags to fly at The council offices which are also adorned with bunting.

There is bunting over the streets, alongside The High Street and in Westgate.

I can only assume that this is to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic torch.

Contrast this with the total lack of decoration for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

By chance I met one of our local councillors in Grantham and complained about the lack of bunting and support - he was indignant and told me that the Highways Authority in Lincoln was to blame, as bunting was deemed to be a hazard to cars and people in the street.

What has now changed?

Could it be that our self important local dignitaries will be present when the torch arrives, and that they consider it to be a more worthy event for us to celebrate than the Jubilee?

Richard Hill

n WHERE have all these teams of people appeared from? Clearing away weeds and mowing.

On Saturday they were on the front gardens at the hospital; and also the residents on Manthorpe Road, near the petrol station, were given a ‘makeover’ as all the weeds by their houses were removed by these kind people.

On Monday morning they were along Castlegate at the Conservative Club.

Tuesday morning, I’ve yet to see them, but would be grateful if these kind people would take a look at Watergate – the trees with 2ft high weeds growing around them – while in between, the lovely flowering towers.

Also the road leading from the Asda roundabout towards the old Catholic school – the weeds there are terrible.

Not a nice site for people entering Grantham or just passing by.

But I guess there are other parts of the town that need this makeover.

Let’s hope it is an ongoing project and not just for the route of the Olympic torch.


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