Morrisons’ many mums look forward to spending Mother’s Day at work

Morrisons mums with their children.
Morrisons mums with their children.
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MOTHER’S Day is extra special in one town supermarket where ten mothers work alongside one of their children.

Amanda Mapletoft works at Morrisons in the Isaac Newton Centre alongside her daughter and her grandson.

She said: “We get a nice family feel in the store because there are so many families working here.

“We also have fathers and sons, cousins, uncles, aunties.”

Pictured are Kelly Stark and daughter Debbie, Sue Bridge and son Lee, Teresa Walsh and son James, Hilary Mapletoft and daughter Cath Tinkler, Anita Chamber and daughter Marie Chambers, Amanda Mapletoft with daughter Hazel Walton and grandson Kyle Fowell, Sue Clapton with her two sons Luke and Scott. Heather Footitt and Tracey Philpott are pictured without their children.

Photo: Morrisons