Motorists driving at motorway speeds through Normanton village

Normanton crash
Normanton crash
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Residents have taken matters into their own hands after they recorded drivers regularly speeding more than 60mph through their village and on one occasion at 72mph.

People in the small village of Normanton, near Bottesford, joined forced with the parish council and Leicestershire Road Safety Partnership to organise a Speedwatch Campaign and were startled by the results.

The speed limit through Normanton is 30mph and the fastest speeds were recorded between the times of 7am and 9am and 3pm and 6pm when schoolchildren are heading home.

A speeding car driver collided with a stationary car in the village recently, writing off both cars.

Speeds were recorded through the village northbound between September 11 and 27 and southbound between September 27 and October 17. As a result of the rigorous data collected by residents, they are now taking action to try and force drivers to slow down.

A new community group has been set up and bin stickers alerting drivers that it is a 30mph zone have ben ordered, four areas within the village are being planted with shrubs and trees and a new heritage sign will be installed at the entrance to the village.

The acting-chair of the Normanton Community Group, Bob Bayman, said: “Drivers may not realise that this is a residential area. Therefore, it would seem that by making a village ‘feel’ like a village, rather than a straight road, drivers are much more likely to slow down. Hopefully this will prevent any further accidents. If there are any other groups who would like to get in touch for advice, or to share their ideas then please do not hesitate to contact me. Our e-mail address is:”

One resident said: “We have always known there was a speeding issue through our village, but we have never been able to prove it. However, after working with our local parish council and Leicestershire Road Safety Partnership, we installed a mobile speed camera. Now we have the data!”