MP has a rose-tinted view of Grantham life

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Regrettably I have to disagree with Jon – ‘I wish the Mayor well on his return to Earth’ - 28 Oct 2011 as I think the Mayor’s office is so far out of touch with what the people of Grantham want, that it would need the Thunderbirds to return him to Earth.

In reality Jon raises some interesting and valid points which of course will remain unanswered due to the utter lack of leadership by our space station council.

On a fresher topic, I would also like to know what opticians MP Nick Boles uses as I would also like to buy a pair of his magic rose-tinted glasses.

I would also like to know how we are supposed to resist the truth? It’s not our ‘nerve’ we need to keep, it’s our jobs.

And what ‘painful’ sacrifices is Mr Boles making I wonder? It sounds like Mr Boles believes that the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics will resolve the world’s economical crisis, and all will be well.

Perhaps he should clasp hands with our Mayor and happily dance around the monstrosity he has the unbelievable gall to call a work of art. At least we could all have a good laugh at that little Scenario.

Roy Coldham