MP is first to back museum’s future

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GRANTHAM MP Nick Boles is the first person to sign a new Grantham Heritage Pledge, vowing to “support and champion” Grantham Museum.

Community leaders and members of the public are being encouraged to sign the pledge in support of the museum, which should reopen next year as a volunteer-run service.

Mr Boles has high hopes for the future of the museum

He said: “I think it will be a better museum and a better used museum because people will feel it is their museum.

“It is the community’s museum and that will be better all round.”

Volunteers are still needed to help the museum, Mr Boles said, but equally important is that people support the new service by visiting when it re-opens.

He said: “If you don’t use it, you run the risk of losing it but I am confident Grantham does care about its past but has, perhaps, not shown it off as well as it can.

“This is a chance to say Grantham has an important past and people will know they can stand proud when they say “I’m from Grantham”.”

He added: “Sometimes Grantham has been a bit slow to blow its own trumpet and I think being a bit more proud and boastful can be a good thing.”

You can sign up to the pledge yourself by logging on to