MP is totally out of touch

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SO. Our totally out of touch MP who was foisted on us by Tory Central Offices’ A list thinks Grantham is a good place to die.

The St Barnabas Hospice which is a truly wonderful organisation probably found this as toe-curlingly embarrassing as I did.

There will be more people probably dying as a result of your government’s policies Nick.

Not only does the insensitivity of this man astound me. He then goes on to muse as to why Grantham produces so many eminent people and yet his myopic focus ONLY on business in a town that is dying as a result of the so called free market of which he is a maniacal supporter beggars belief.

Who paid for the business innovation conference you attended? Any public money involved?

Not everything can and should be judged in terms of monetary value Mr Boles. The NHS for instance which is being sold off to your friends in the City.

Where are the ‘superb transport links’ he alludes to? Obviously he has never been in Grantham at school opening or leaving times. Try getting your son or daughter on a school bus if you live in the country.

This man epitomises this uncaring truly nasty government which nobody elected. If only we had the means to recall him as they can State Governors in the USA he would be history.


Gorse Lane