MP must tell us how fat-cats are punished

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John Kirk asked in last weeks letters who Grantham MP Nick Boles represents.

The answer is quite clear, John - himself! Why else would he move to a safe Conservative seat here instead of fighting hard for his previous one?

What I would like to know is what exactly has Mr Boles done over the last 18 months or so for the people of Grantham that he is supposed to represent?

I note from his column that he is amazed that anyone working in the public sector thinks it is fair or reasonable to go on strike over the changes to their pension plans.

Is it fair or reasonable, Mr Boles, that your government is quite prepared to, yet again, make the average, hard working people pay the price for the money-grabbing fat cats that created the problems that we have?

How are you hitting them, is what the people of Grantham want you to explain?

Mr Boles, the vast majority of the people that live in your constituency (and have done for years) are honest, hard working and living on the edge of their financial limits - you represent them before yourself and your own ambitions, you know?

Joe Adkins

Worcester Road, Grantham