MP Nick Boles must get our town a by-pass, now

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DEAR MP Nick Boles: I am fed up of your non-action over what many of us consider should be your number one issue: Grantham by-pass.

I do find you acting as a career politician, not a representative of your constituents.

I live in a house on the A52, Bridge End Road / Somerby Hill, in which I have seen the emissions level from traffic rise every year.

I have a dossier of publicity statements from previous Tory MPs and Lincs County Council with promises of action that go back 27 years.

Our Local Conservative party should take a hard look at who stands for Grantham, as far as I am concerned the last 10 years have been a shambles, and believe me, I am not a Labour supporter.

We now have our County Council spending another £100m on yet another Lincoln by-pass, and Grantham is going back into consultation.

It is a very sad joke. This town is going to die without you doing what I believe you should be doing: pester, badger, shout, get some backing from your friends - get a by-pass for Grantham.

Stuart Allan

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