MP’s column was a huge contradiction

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Nick Boles’ latest column in the Journal did annoy, not least because he’s not so much inviting discussion as inviting people to agree with his already established points of view.

I’m sure he thinks he’s on safe ground with the topics of benefit caps and work experience, but the writing seemed wilfully ignorant.

However, I’m much more interested to hear why he’s keen on pushing through the health service reforms, in spite of the various opinions given by members of the medical profession.

The benefits cap is a simple enough message, and one that many people wouldn’t argue with. Has Mr Boles been given the task of selling a wide range of benefit cuts to the public?

Nick’s over simplified retelling of the benefits cap supposes that some people have adequate means and don’t need all that taxpayer support.

Now with that in mind, let’s consider the huge profits made by some big companies, who are being supplied free labor through these work experience placements that the tax payer funds.

There’s a bit of a contradiction there surely. We can’t pay benefits to help keep children out of poverty, but we can subsidise corporate profits?

I guess that’s the reality of Nick’s planet. It’s a shame that I live there. It’s even more of a shame that he’s my MP. I think I deserve better.


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